Get the perfect look this season with John Craig’s trendy styling

A flood of summer colours are in store with lush summer greens leading olive, military greens and rusts which share the spotlight with all-over botanical prints.

Look for trending shirt favourites as your best early-season buy toward building your John Craig wardrobe: golfers in bold colours with eye-catching, contrasting trim are right up there for both casual and smart wear.  Combine with Chinos and smart shoes to dress up your look for Friday office wear and on weekends step out in golfers, shorts, and sandals.

Best colours to mix and match are olives, neutrals, and stone in golfers and a selection of short sleeve shirts while for an overall colour mix, put olives and greens together with shirts in micro prints like small-detailed geometrics.

Want to shine up and put a bright look together? Just add orange or rust to liven up your look with a pop of mustard. New style Muratti golfers from R399 are gracing our October shelves.

Linen-look shirts are back big time. Each colour palette has great linen basic. Start with olive green or rust in October and add a pink, mauve or purple linen-like shirt in November. Wear them with a t-shirt for a laid back look or buttoned down with sleeves rolled up.  Viscose shirts with a floral overall print are also styling with a great print selection and an assortment of styles to choose from.

Building your wardrobe with John Craig is so easy with entry pricing from R399. Open an account right away or use our lay-bye option to plan and purchase your summer look!

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