Muratti Man essentials for your winter styling

For the Muratti Man, winter is easily the best part of the year because it allows their bold and stylish fashion to shine through and what better way to do this than with John Craig’s most wanted combo: the Jacket, Knitwear and Boots.

The battle always begins from the top down, we’re talking layers-on-layers of John Craig’s finest. To make sure you get the best layering, the trick has always been to find outer layering that strikes a balance between comfort and style, and our stylish jackets do just that.

At John Craig, we have jackets to suit any style: if your style is more old school cool, we have the puffer. If it’s more rugged and edgy, then a denim or leather jacket should do. If it’s more chilled but versatile, then the parka is the one and if it’s sophisticated, then the blazer should be just fine. An added plus: these jackets come in a variety of the boldest colours so you will be seen anywhere you go.

Now that you’ve picked your stylish Jacket of choice, let’s start talking about what we’re covering up. If you thought our jackets were responsible for keeping the heat in, then you haven’t experienced our cosy knitwear. You’re spoiled for choice in this department, because we’ve got a jersey for every type of man.

The crew neck made from 100% combed and dyed cotton for the everyday man, the v-neck with its contrasting colour stripes for the bold man, the polo neck for the suave and smooth gentleman and of course the ½ zip made from outstanding chenille, breathable fabric for the more rustic and old school man.

Okay let’s do a quick checklist: you’ve got your stylish Jacket, your comfy knitwear, now what’s missing? The finest shoes to finish off the look and since there’s been less going out, that means more money to splurge on the finest boots from John Craig.

We’ve got the best boots to step out in. From a smart ankle boot made from 100% leather with an ankle strap detail, to the edgy Chelsea ankle boot made from suede and not forgetting the brogue boot if old school is what you’re aiming for.

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