Spring florals and patterns are here to stay!

Everywhere around us Spring is in the air heralding the arrival of a kaleidoscope of colours.

John Craig has unveiled bright prints and florals that will lighten up the room as the dark, winter layers disappear from the palette.

Brighter, lighter colours and patterns are on trend this year, making for bold statements that are exceptionally versatile to wear, any time of day. A good alternative to timeless classics, prints and patterns will help adapt any wardrobe from Spring to Summer seamlessly.

And cotton florals are talking big too. Put the two together and you have a new-you to look forward to in true John Craig quality and style.

Our forward styling begins at just R399 for an on-trend look that draws attention to quality tailoring, design and detail. With an entry price suited to everyman’s pocket, John Craig threads are designed to complete a top-to-toe wardrobe that you can build-on every month.

The bespoke Italian styled Muratti range adds to the selection and versatility, the colours and the styles that make John Craig a one-stop shop that draws men who want to be in the forefront of style. And mix and match garment choices, make it even easier to lead the style book when channelling casual cotton shirts in florals or checks with chino brights.

The bold male styling that is typical to the more than 100 John Craig stores nationwide, enables the metro-man to take his look from smart to casual in innovative ways just by swapping trainers for leathers or adding constructed jackets over casual or formal trousers. The season’s colourful chinos are especially versatile and multi-functional.

Muratti, John Craig’s bespoke name brand is another essential and brings excellence in Italian design, colourful florals and pastels for a re-defining look.

Get to a John Craig store near you, where you can become a John Craig man by signing up an account to become a man-in-a-million at the forefront of fashion 365 days a year.

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