The Foundation For The Perfect Outfit.

A great one fuses the different elements of an outfit to create a look that makes you stand out, an important thing for the Muratti Man. That’s why, as John Craig, we have a wide range of shirts that will make sure you attract the right attention, wherever you are.

Some call it flannel, most say plaid, but here at home we just call it the check shirt. This is a worldwide favourite which has been, and continues to be, a style staple in the wardrobes of many, from your international stars and now to the Muratti Man. Heading to a meeting? Pick a more neutral colour, button it up and tuck it into one of our chinos. If the vibe is casual, get one of the more bold colour patterns and pair it with our premium denim.

Get out the way winter. It’s time to welcome back Spring and what better way to do this than with our long sleeve floral shirts? The season change calls for being bold and you can never go wrong with them, so get one for each occasion. You can go loud and eccentric with your colours, for those times which need you to be the centre of attention or you can tone it all the way down, showing hints of style with the more calmer colours.

Subtle styling is always the way to go for the Muratti Man and nothing is more subtle, yet still stylish as the microprint shirt. Think of it as the step-up from your everyday normal upper wear. It gives the plain shirt a textured finish, adding more pizzazz to an already classic item of clothing. Play it smart and step up your whole outfit.

How can we ever forget the striped shirt? A firm favourite if you’re trying to strengthen the sophisticated side of your wardrobe. This shirt can take you all the way up once paired with a John Craig textile tie and suit. It even works when paired with a nice blazer jacket, some stone washed jeans and our premium leather brogues and you’re ready for that casual meetup.

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