Winter Wardrobe Must Have: The Knit

Winter Wardrobe Must Have: The Knit

Though many have questioned what the true fabric of a man is, the Muratti Man knows, without question, that the answer lies in a cozy and comfy collection of Knitwear. Whether you need one to get you through the chilly winter days, or to turn up the style in your everyday wardrobe, we’ve got the Knits, in the perfect fits for you. 

First up is the well-known, and loved, crew neck. Made from 100% combed and dyed cotton, it comes up right in the middle where comfort and out-of-the ordinary style meet. Add to that a ribbed neckline, cuffs and hems and you’ve got a winter staple that can be worn over a button down for warmth or over a plain white tee to add that rustic feel to any look.

If crew necks aren’t your thing, maybe a v-neck will do? Boasting the same features as its round neck line counterpart, it’s still 100% cotton and the only difference comes in the contrast coloured stripes which help to up the trendy stakes. Get them in your favourite colour, and layer them up with one of our Casual Jackets to add that little bit of edge.

How can we forget the classic polo neck. Suave, modern, and all the other words that are associated with premium styling. It’s a great Knit for when you want to add that touch of sophistication to your look. It doesn’t need a pairing to make it pop, but it highlights and strengthens a look when paired with Chelsea boots and navy skinny cut jeans from our authentic Denim range.

To close off our Knitwear crusade, we have the ½ zip Knit made from the outstanding luxury of chenille breathable fabric. This one sets the tone: rustic, warm but with a touch of modernity. Pair it with a stonewashed Denim and Brogue boots for a rugged playboy look, or dress it all the way up with a peacoat and our great quality everyday Chinos.

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